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teAter is an adaptive reuse project of a former car dealer, transformed into a non-institutional production and performance space for the independent performing arts. Initiated by LICHTHOF, the project aims to bring together all of their existing functions, under one roof. Therefore, the existing building is adapted with minimal means, to facilitate spaces for all disciplines and uses. Embracing a social-ecological transformation approach, the design of teAter highlights the transformative process, acknowledging its importance alongside the eventual outcome. Read more

The project aims to reduce structural and material interventions. On one side, this is to maintain the existing flexibility for future reuses: Architecture is always a temporary answer to a temporary need, so the transformation should not limit its future reuse potentials. On the other hand, it is to reduce (material) costs in order to channel the available budget into the theater itself: all demolition debris is used to create the new partition walls.

The ground floor opens up from the indoor to the outdoor. As a central space, the foyer connects the street to the rear block and courtyard. Three stages are arranged along the foyer. The first small stage for rehearsals and experiments opens to the street. The second medium stage for 99 visitors and the third large stage for 199 visitors are located under the shed roof. The main stage can open sideways to the rear block. An elevator and stairs connect the first floor with the adjoining rooms on the upper floor. This is where the administration, possible rooms for rent, and areas for a possible extension in container construction are located. Read less

2023 –
enjoying, working
Arno Brandlhuber, Olaf Grawert, Jonas Janke, Roberta Jurčić
Matthias Rudolph (Climate and Energy: Transsolar)


Historic Photo © J.A. SCHLÜTER SÖHNE

Historic Photo © J.A. SCHLÜTER SÖHNE

Visualisation - Rehearsal © PONNIE Images

Visualisation - Performance © PONNIE Images