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Midway Contemporary Art Garage (MCAG) is an adaptive reuse development of a former limousine garage, transformed into a non-profit art facility. Situated near the Mississippi River in Minneapolis (USA), the project is adjacent to a larger long-term city initiative to revitalize the local post-industrial landscape over a span of 100 years. Embracing a social-ecological transformation approach, MCAG follows a phased concept that encompasses various stages: (1) Adapting and renovating the existing building, (2) converting the outdoor parking area into a park and rain garden, and (3) expanding the library, teaching, and residency spaces. Accordingly, the design of MCAG highlights the transformative process, acknowledging its importance alongside the eventual outcome.

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This thinking is an integral part of what defines Midway Contemporary Art and how they operate. Founded 20 years ago, this non-profit organization has been dedicated to supporting emerging artists within an international context. With a growing number of supporters, Midway Contemporary Art has expanded both in physical space and purpose, incorporating a workshop, a library, and a residency alongside their gallery space. As a result, they relocated to various industrial sites, starting from a former fabrication plant, then to an unused billboard production warehouse, and eventually settling in a vacant machine shop. Through these transitions, Midway Contemporary Art has established its expertise and commitment to a culture of adaptability and transformation, showcasing their skills in repurposing and revitalizing unused spaces. A story that continues with MCAG. Read less

2021 –
Midway Contemporary Art
exhibiting, living
b+, Snow Kreilich Architects (Local Architects), Meyer Borgman Johnson (Structural Engineering), Emanuelson-Podas, Inc. (Mechanical Engineering)
Nina Barać, Arno Brandlhuber, Felix Ganzer, Olaf Grawert, Luke Handon, Jonas Janke, Roberta Jurčić, Jolene Lee, Lukas Meyer

Existing Garage Building © Caylon Hackwith

Phase 1: Renovation, Adaptation and Preparation for Phase 2 © Atelier Tata

Phase 1: Exhibition and Gallery © Atelier Tata

Deconstruction (Lower Level) © Caylon Hackwith

Temporary Gallery Space (Upper Level) © Caylon Hackwith

Historical Postcard