0154.2 Prototyping Workshop ×

The goal is to transform the site into a new productive nucleus for the production of prototypes of any kind. Therefore, the project reuses the existing former silo-tower with little effort and intervention: mainly focusing on returning it to a legal status and adapting it for its new use as a prototyping workshop of architcture and different industries such as glas-, metal- and woodworks. Including accompanying spaces for 3d printing, archive, storage, and preparation.

With its 42.60 meter height, the former silo-tower is legally classified as a high-rise and must therefore fulfill extended fire safety and energy conservation regulations. To avoid high costs, the tower only contains two levels: the ground floor at street-niveau and the top floor at 31.63 meters. By eliminating the need for extra technical equipment such as pressure ventilation and exit doors inside the stairwell, its window apertures must be left open, thus transforming the interior circulation into a semi-outdoor safety staircase. No new openings are added to the structure; instead, the closed ones are re-opened, which allows for more light and air circulation on the inside. The same reverence for pragmatism and economy applied to other decisions made during the design process, such as to make the space between the first and top floors accessible via an existing balcony and to install windows, but leave it uninsulated. The space serves as an insulating, semi-warm air cushion, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the building.

2021 –
Arno Brandlhuber, Martin Buchholz, Jakob Eden, Olaf Grawert, Hannes Hehemann, Moritz Heuberger, Jonas Janke, Marjan Jobke, Roberta Jurčić, Jolene Lee, Leander Nowack, Peter Richter, Kristof Schlüßler, Justus Schweer
Manuel Bürger (The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger); Shantala Chandel, Matthias Gschwendtner, Matylda Krzykowski, Katharina Volgger; Thorben Gröbel (Spazio Cura); Philipp Weber (Studio Philipp Weber / Analog)

Workyard © Erica Overmeer

Workshop © Erica Overmeer

Archive © Erica Overmeer

Storage © Erica Overmeer

3D Scan Section © Unprofessional Studio