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When searching for a suitable and inexpensive property, which was to be located somewhere between Cologne and Darmstadt, Paris and London, the passengers of this “journey” alternately determined the direction at each road junction. The search ended at the abandoned house of a baker in the village of Vauxtin on the edge of Champagne in France. Like most of the twenty houses in the village, it has a small natural stone cave at the back, from which the stones for the construction of the house were quarried. Arno Brandlhuber initially inhabited the house for a few months, then it was gradually rebuilt over the years. One of the interventions consisted in the opening of the facade in the shape of a window strip taking up the entire length of the roof to get light into the attic. According to the local building regulations, the construction of dormers did not require a building permit and was only subject to the authority of the mayor. The opening was thus declared as a dormer and on the evening before a mayoral election, the most promising candidate assisted the raising of the eaves, and authorized the intervention right away.

1993 – 2006
Arno Brandlhuber, Christoph Rau with Didier Barbier, Rudi Bärenklau, Achim Beyse, Friedhelm Emde, Evelyn Haubner, Bernd Imöhl, August José
Christian Dorsch, Markus Emde, Lars Wagner