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station.plus is an online architecture TV station, aimed at reaching a broader audience. Its main goal is to communicate architecture as a discipline that affects each and every one of us. Thus, the medium of video is introduced to overcome the current focus on the planned object, which is exclusive in its reading. With video, the ability of reading plans and models becomes secondary. It opens design to different factors such as societal and political implications. These become the stories of architecture, which is the background of our everyday life. Instead of representing, it is shown how architecture is used, both by human and non-human agents. All at once, architecture becomes an argument.

station+ was founded in 2017 at the Institut for Design and Architecture (IEA) at the Department of Architecture (DARCH), ETH Zurich. It was initiated by Arno Brandlhuber, Olaf Grawert and Christopher Roth as a continuation of their ongoing collaboration on films, such as 0187.2 Legislating Architecture and 0199 The Property Drama. Read more

As part of the teaching program, station.plus is offering different classes which are focusing on the medium of video as a design tool. Each design studio is dedicated to a contemporary topic which is re-defining our architectural practice, such as: The Property Show (2017), Real Virtuality (2018), Architecture as Argument (2018), Once Upon a Time in the Future… (2019) and Housing the Non-Human (ongoing) a project connected with 0227 Mäusebunker.

The seminars Storytelling in Architecture with Christopher Roth, Theorie und Praxis with Christian Posthofen, and Access to Tools with Severin Bärenbold are complementary classes to the design studio. Read less

2017 –
Arno Brandlhuber, Olaf Grawert and Christopher Roth
Severin Bärenbold, Tatjana Bergmeister, Arno Brandlhuber, Lorenza Donati, Marta Fernandez, Michaela Friedberg, Olaf Grawert, Iris Hilton, Pan Hu, Roberta Jurčić, Anton Krebs, Samira Lenzin, Marija Marić, Christian Posthofen, Christopher Roth, Julian Wäckerlin