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Cities as knowledge repositories of condensed economic, social, and environmental data are particularly suited as potential engines of transition, transformation, and transaction. By overcoming appropriated knowledge, the unbiased view of city calls for a new interaction with urban cycles. In cities as networks of social and architectural energies, our life together is shaped by numerous mechanisms. In the social orders and routines that emerge here, however, we ourselves also shape the city. These negotiations between people and the city are reflected in the exhibition through documentation, field studies and empirical surveys, but also through future images, alternative designs, research or theoretical discourses. In doing so, the works explore the structure, material, sound, identity, sustainability, transformation, innovation, and imagination of architecture.

What can we learn from our relationship with architecture? What potentials, tasks and concepts can be derived from it for the future? The exhibition takes up those traces of a constant transformation of the city and opens discourses for the examination of urban living spaces.


Tiziana Jill Beck, Jan Berger, bplus.xyz/brandlhuber+ team, Cradle to Cradle NGO, Jana Debrodt, Kevin Fuchs, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Isa Melsheimer

Curated by Dr. Tim Weber

2021 –
rk - Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst im Ratskeller
Die unbekannte Stadt
Angelika Hinterbrandner