× (b+) is a collaborative architecture practice that brings together different actors (from theory to practice) in different formats (from buildings to campaigns, exhibitions, texts and films). In exchange with others, b+ develops projects that consider architecture systemically: as an open process and something beyond the finished object. To do so, b+ tries to better understand the contemporary issues that are at the basis of any architectural project. In concrete terms they are asking: what are the challenges for a changing society and how can architects contribute to this transformation with ecologically and economically viable answers?

b+ believes that working in the system, means working on the system. Thus, b+ celebrates the given framework (from existing buildings to legislation) as an active design tool that already carries the potential for transformation within. b+ is a continuation and reorientation of the collaborative practice Brandlhuber+ towards a cooperative model, which is linking the idea of collaboration that drives the practice ever since its beginnings, to a new value system.

Currently lead by Arno Brandlhuber, Olaf Grawert, Jonas Janke, Roberta Jurčić and Jolene Lee; in team with Anja Carsten, Franziska Gödicke and Luke Handon; in collaboration with ARCH+, Ludwig Engel, Christopher Roth, Snow Kreilich, Spazio Cura and Katharina Volgger.

Collaboration since 2006
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